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Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

my winter trip.hoe-10


hoe-16 you can see the moon.


hoe-2east looking west – nevada


hoe-12west looking east – cali












Thursday, May 13th, 2010

some recent cell phone grabs.

spring-cpcp-1 early morning on the set of Age of Bikes. escondido.


spring-cpcp-8 David from work had triplets on my birthday, or his wife did.

spring-cpcp-13Beverly Hills.

spring-cpcp-17A shoot at an animal place lead me to this parrot head, with the body of a chicken. this is real.

spring-cpcp-18Andrew and Anthony at the cha cha.

spring-cpcp-11A view out mi office.


spring-cpcp-21from the window… downtown in the background.

spring-cpcp-7Andrew on our block.

spring-cpcp-14John with his light table.

spring-cpcp-15my handy work.

spring-cpcp-9Andrew’s new apartment, starring Jordan’s face.

spring-cpcp-10getting lost in the middle of the city…